Back Massage


Hello and welcome! My name is Phil Hardy, I'm the director of Perth Massage Chairs. Our commitment is simple, to provide people with a health and wellness solution to make every day living better.

Perth Massage Chairs is proudly a West Australian family owned and run business. We are the leading competitor in selling premium engineered, zero gravity massage chairs without the inflated price tag. Dedicated to providing each and every client with good old fashioned service in a welcoming environment.

I'm an advocate of medical research and have been working in clinical and research science for 25 years, presenting our research at international conferences and leading institutes like the Mayo Clinic in Rochester USA. Our full body, zero gravity, state of the art massage chairs, was the solution I was looking for after many years of research into my own health issues. The health benefits of massage is nothing short of amazing, I am continually astounding by the ongoing research findings in this area and seek to educate our population so that everyone can understand and benefit. You can read more about this.

Our chairs conduct a full body scan before customising a massage to suit your needs and size. There's the option to fully customise a massage based on your preferred intensity, and to target particular problem areas of your body. It massages from head to toe, and performs a variety of massages including: kneading, rolling, tapping, pushing, finger pressing and shiatsu. Our chairs are widely recognised as the Worlds Best Massage Chair.

By design quality and engineering standards, our massage chairs are one of a kind. No other chair in the world comes equipped with the state of the art technology developed by our manufacturer that has the size, experience and ongoing R&D that sets them apart from the rest. A premium piece of engineering to attune to your body and alleviate your aches and pains. They are truly a sanction of relief and relaxation.

Just imagine, a fully customised massage chair in the comfort of your home or office. Perth Massage Chairs can make this possible. Contact us today.

We look forward to making everyday better for you.