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I have been looking at massage chairs for a while and came across Perth Massage Chairs having seen many paid TV ads and companies selling massage chairs online. I really wanted to have a demo of the chair before making a purchase given as it is such a personnel item. I therefore contacted Perth Massage Chairs to arrange an appointment. From the moment of contact Perth Massage Chairs were absolutely fantastic. No hard sale and the whole process has been very, very simple. I dealt with Philip and his knowledge of the chairs was absolutely fantastic. I was able to visit the show room in Bentley and try out all the chairs and in doing so I had a fair few questions. Philip answered all of these and was very patient with me. After some deliberation I opted for the RK1906. Philip arranged all the delivery and set-up and even called to confirm he was on his way albeit running marginally late due to heavy traffic. After set-up a further tutorial was done on the chair. No stone was left unturned and I really was left felt knowing that I had made the right choice and confident in using the chair. Suffice to say, although it was a big purchase, my experience thus far has been so, so positive. I really suffer with my back and the chair is solving many of the issues I have. The build quality of the chair and ease of use is second to none. I can honestly say its been life changing. Thank you to Philip and his team. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional but they really care about their clients. The ongoing support offered on the chair under its warranty is also great and offers piece of mind. If you are thinking of investing in something like this I thoroughly recommend Perth Massage Chairs.

Dunya Dolmatoff

I was drawn to experience the demo chairs in the Perth Massage Chairs showroom following the recommendation from a trusted medical therapist . After only a few minutes in a particular showroom chair I was completely sold. My purchase was delivered within a few days. I was so impressed at Phil’s honesty and his level of integrity to resolve a tricky situation at delivery that I then asked him to post this public recommendation. Dunya Dolmatoff

What a fantastic experience with this company. Phil is very polite & knowledgeable about the chairs he sells & ensures that all questions are answered factually. My husband & I are so impressed with the quality of our new massage chair & extremely glad that we went through PMC. Perhaps the most valuable part of dealing with them was the fact that any repairs that need take place, will be done by Phil himself & not hand balled overseas. Highly recommend!

I had a go in a chair that Phil had installed for a mate, I was instantly hooked. Phil's service at home was fantastic, a great bloke for a chat and a wealth of knowledge. I have brain and spinal cord injuries with chronic widespread pain - this chair is amazing respite at the end of every day. I myself have been in the medical industry for almost 30 years - do not look elsewhere if you want the best chairs in Perth. Thanks Phil!

Liina Jasmin

It was clear that the rk1906 was in a class of its own and definitely the chair for us. My body needs a lot of massages. Honestly, I am the type of person who gets a massage at least once a week. I have always been a little bit suspicious about those massage chairs. I have seen them in different spots at the shopping malls and seen lots of ads on TV but I’ve never had a chance to try them. Not that I didn't have the chance to but I just didn't believe that those chairs could fix anything. It just looked a little bit odd. My belief about those chairs were: they can cause more harm than good to the body. Today we have a massage chair at home. It has been one month since I first sat on the chair and it has changed my wellbeing a lot. Not only just my body, but all other aspects of my wellness and lifestyle. Firstly it has changed my mind, the way I choose to think. No matter what - my priority number one is my physical health. Being pure and clear minded has always helped me to focus and to be present in the moment. Secondly I think that everyone should start to restore their physical health from the spine outwards. Our spine and muscles are an integral system to our health and wellbeing, which is made up of vertebrae’s that need to aligned and in good posture. A weak body equals a weak soul which equals weak health. After using my own personal massage chair I feel that my spine is straight and aligned. I am now happy with my state of wellbeing and I believe that massage chair has contributed to this feeling. I highly recommend trying it if you feel your posture needs improving.

Alison Matthews

I am writing to let you know that buying the massage chair from you was the best investment that I have ever made. Due to changing jobs from working in an office to counting containers I found my body aching all over and was going to remedial massages every week to recover. I have now been using the massage chair for over 6 months and have only had a few remedial massages during that time to just twig some spots. I just wish that I had purchased the chair sooner. I highly recommend you and your company.

Daisy and Thomas Chan

Thank you Phillip for the extended service provided during installation of our RK1906. We love our chair more and more everyday.

Phil and his team were amazing, ensuring we were able to test out the various models and make an informed decision, he even personally delivers to your home. For a family of six, heavily involved in sport, studies, and a very hectic work life, this has been a fantastic investment. Our family has truly benefited from purchasing our massage chair from Perth Massage Chairs and I highly recommend a visit to the showroom to select yours!

Phil was professional and knowledgeable. We love our chair and so do our visitors. The quality is well worth the wellness investment.

Marie McCallum

I purchased a massage chiar (RK7911) from Phil about a month ago and I am absolutely delighted with it. I was suffering from mild but chronic back pain which has almost disppeared since I have been using the massage chair. What a relief!! Most days I have no back pain at all. I have a massage every night before bed and I am sleeping much better due to being pain free. I can highly recommend this company as their serivece was excellent and Phil explained everything so well. He also delivered and set up the chair for me. I'd say it's one of the best purchases I have ever made!

Barry Cooper-Cooke

Before visiting Perth Massage Chairs Phil provided my wife with lots of information regarding the massage chairs he has, and what a person should look out for when selecting a massage chair. When my wife visited the store he spent lots of time explaining about all the different chairs he had in store, their features and benefits. She was also provided time to use the demonstration chairs. At no time did my wife feel pressured, rushed into a decision or felt as though she was being hurried to leave the store. In fact Phil went out of his way to be helpful and kept asking if there was anything else she wanted to know.
Upon selecting a chair, the delivery service was professional and polite. Once the chair was set up we were shown how to use the controller and its many functions.
Having used the chair everyday for a week now (10/6/21) it has been a pleasure to use, while we are still getting familiar with its many functions it is not over complicated. We are certainly starting to feel the benefits.
We would recommend you to visit this store and try for yourself.

I was toying with the idea of a massage chair as an aid for exercise recovery when I checked out Phils range of chairs after a strenuous workout. The experience left me refreshed and ready to go again. I looked into the completions offerings, but when it came to quality, price and service the choice was easy. Since then the chair has had plenty of use and leaves me feeling calm and relaxed, especially so first thing in the morning or after work. I can highly recommend Phil for his knowledge and service which was fantastic.

Bradley Simmons

Very happy with my massage chair, I've probably clocked more than a 150 hours of use so far and it hasn't missed a beat. I would like to thank Phil and his team for going above and beyond.

Robin and Philip Parkin

We recently bought the RK7912 massage chair. It was originally bought for for Philip to use but I find that I am using it daily as well. It was great to meet Phil and Amy who have a very knowledgeable understanding of the body and its needs. In just a short period of time we are feeling the benefits of using the chair in the comfort of our own home. The service we have had from Phil has been excellent. He was happy to deliver and install free of charge on a weekend. I would recommend Perth Massage Chairs to anyone who is looking to purchase a massage chair. 5 Stars

David Wagner

Top class friendly service!

I called Phil when my massage chair required service. He made an appointment to see me in my home and arrived on time. It took him only minutes to find the problem which happened to be a broken spring and advised me where I could go to get a replacement spring. I let him know when I acquired the spring and made a time when he could install the spring. As it was not an original spring Phil found it difficult to install it and told me he needed a special tool which he would purchase and come back to next day. When he returned it took him less than a half a minute. 15 minutes later the chair was working again and his charges very, very reasonable.
Phil is a highly skilled professional that has a real friendly manner that places a person totally at ease within the first few minutes of meeting with him.
I highly recommend Phil if one wishes to purchase or to have serviced a massage chair. I am a totally satisfied customer. 

Helen Gadsden

A wonderful help for a stressful situation!

I purchased the RK - 7908c massage chair in August. My husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was very ill. We were in Perth and the family stayed together with my husband who eventually died at home. The massage chair provided enormous comfort to the whole family, including our grandchildren, during what was an extremely challenging few weeks for the whole family.

Now I have brought it back to Brisbane to continue receiving the benefit of frequent massage for myself and many others in the family are enjoying it as well!

I am very grateful to have met Phil, who was very empathetic at the time, and who has assisted us to enjoy our massage experience!

CC Wong

It was a pleasure to deal with Phil and Hannah from start to finish. Firstly, I appreciated that they were never pushy, instead letting the quality of their products sell itself. They were informative and balanced with the promoting of their massage chairs.

Most importantly, their massage chairs are of very high quality. I purchased the latest RK-1906 chair which has served me very well for the first 3 or so months already. It is perfect for giving a firm deep tissue massage and it was exactly what I was after.

One key reason why I opted with Perth Massage Chairs is the extended warranty. Phil guarantees his products and will personally come out to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues encountered. He has already done this for me which makes the business highly credible.

Highly recommended if you are in the market for a quality massage chair in Perth!

Soroush/Neda Adim

It has been a while since we have been searching the market for a reliable massage chair through different suppliers with the opportunity to have a trial option and also making sure post sale services would be available.

After thorough investigation, we chose Perth massage which also offered free delivery and free installation that I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if I did want to buy from other suppliers.

Philip did all the delivering, installing and explaining how to use the chair.

Since we have bought RK7911, we started seeing the results and improvement in the body and really enjoying using that after a busy hard day.

I strongly recommend Perth massage to any western Australian resident who is keen to have one massage chair.


I ALWAYS wanted a massage chair as I have been having massage for over 30 years. As a keen sports person, I got sick and tired of going to the Chiro or Physio and dealing with wait times. Life got really busy, so I finally bought my fabulous Massage chair from Phil at Perth Massage Chairs. Phil did very little talking as the product ( chair) just sold itself to me.

This good full body massage chair does play a crucial role in alleviating my body aches and pains and improving my circulation. Getting a massage in the privacy of my own home, along with convenience and time efficiency, was the major reason why I opted to go with the Zero Gravity Space Capsule Massage Chair. Everyone tells me I have lost weight too ! Maybe 2 kilo, not trying, but seems the massage chair is removing some built up toxins. Bonus!

Hubby LOVES it too !! He has a very stressful job and every night, he sits in it for his Zen time! It has really improved his sleep. This chair also massage's my Lymphatic system , which, with Winter approaching, should protect my immune system.

It really helps to decrease any tension and increase my happy hormones - endorphin's!

This chair also plays music. It comes with a USB stick which sits at the rear. You simply load the stick with some soothing meditation music and away you go!

To sum it all up - mood better, sleeping better, and generally feeling more relaxed.

Best thing I bought this year

Glen Acland

Purchased a massage chair two weeks ago from Phil who was very friendly and helpful and knew his chairs. The chair is a big hit with myself and partner and gets good use. Phil even put me onto a good Bowen Therapist who has helped me with my aches and pains. I would highly recommend Perth Massage Chairs to anybody that was interested in these particular products with no hesitation.

I tried a few different brand massage chair and I’m very happy to trust your business. High quality, free delivery, friendly staff & professional. Thank you so much & highly recommended

Phil was a very approachable sales person in the showroom, I was able to make my decision (to buy a massage chair) without any hesitation, thanks to his professional advice. The product is awesome. Whenever I pass some pop-up shops of massage chairs, I always feel that I had a better shopping experience with Perth Massage Chair.

Massage chair is awesome. Thanks Phil for advising on best chair for me, much appreciated. Gloria

Colin D

Excellent service and advice delivered by Phil. Extremely happy with the chair. Highly recommend Phil and his business if you are looking for great service good communication and follow up no pressure and an excellent product. Thanks Phil greatly appreciated


Today I had one of my really bad “Classic Migraine” attacks. I put myself to bed and all the worst symptoms appeared gradually.

I almost completely lost my sight – then the left side of my body went completely numb followed by inability to think clearly and speak.

Then the extreme headache, nauseous feeling followed by negative feelings down my left side

leading into feeling of anxiety bordering on minor despair.

In the past, this would have taken 2 days to ease and sometimes panic attacks occurred from time to time. The only positive was I knew I would feel great after 3+ days.

Today, as soon as the negative feelings were coursing down my left side, I put myself in the massage chair set to Thai massage for 30 minutes.

The arm massage felt a little uncomfortable for 5 minutes, but within 10 minutes all the numbness and feelings of anxiety and despair had completely disappeared. After 30 minutes, the headache was minimal and I felt a little washed out.

I set the chair for a second 30 minutes Thai massage which continued to improve my pain and I began feeling generally much better. By the end of the second session, I was almost completely recovered to the point of being able to write this.

Any Classic Migraine sufferer would be amazed at these results – it would be life transformational for many.

Thank you very much for getting me to invest in one. I thought the previous massage chair was good for body aches and pains but it never helped with a I work 2 to 3 days a week building our home which, at 68, leaves me pretty sore (especially my lower back given my spondylolisthesis). Without the massage chair, I simply wouldn’t be able to do it. The Chinese massage is great for my general body and the Thai massage really relieves the lower back pain.

Please don’t hesitate to use me as a referral for anybody considering purchasing one.

Tom Williamson

I recently purchased two massage chairs from Phil at Perth Massage Chairs and I am writing to say how impressed I am with his service and professionalism . Phil was very patient and informative with all my questions. The quality of the chairs were amazing and I use it everyday in my home and office. Phil also delivered them personally to Mandurah the day after I ordered it . I would highly recommend Perth Massage Chairs to anyone after quality and the best service.

Roshini Thomas

We tried other chairs available before finalising our choice - we found the chair sold by Phil as the best in the market at that price including delivery and installation (There were others selling similar product at a higher cost with same warranty period!). We were served with an immediate delivery and installation at our convenience. These guys have good knowledge of the product they are selling.

Pam Chrisp

I am lucky enough to say I have purchased one of the 3D Zero Gravity chairs from Perth Massage Chairs. In one word: Amazing!

Being a trained remedial massage therapist and working in health care for 14 years I understand that this really is a genuine investment in my health. Different bodies have different needs, that's why it is best to choose a massage chair that can adjust to your body. This chair intelligently scans your body to allow for multiple factors such as shape, size, pressure and has an assortment of styles as well as 6 different massage techniques including Chinese, Thai, Korean, Kneading and Shiatsu. Couple with varying levels of depth, location and strength of massage you can customise this chair to any type of massage you want. The Airbag Massage works by compressing the muscles much the same as a Swedish massage would and the heating and music playing functions makes it feel like a real spa experience. The head massage is fantastic for easing tension headache and really helps it feel like a real therapy massage. Truly a luxurious way to stimulate circulation and alleviate stress. I can now have a massage at any time of day at the touch of a button that rivals even some of the best remedial massage therapists out there. No appointment needed. Customer care was excellent, I was able to try out the chair and found the staff to be very professional, warm and attentive, answering all my questions with superior product knowledge. Once I had made a decision to purchase the chair it was delivered to my door 2 days later and assembled for me. I was reassured if I needed help with anything or experienced any difficulties working the product that they are only a phone call away with local help and support.

S Thottam

Selling quality massage chair at reasonable price!

Chino Abbott

This chair provides comfort and relief in literally minutes. A good investment for mind body and spirit highly recommended.

Vanessa Fanchini

This is no ordinary massage chair! Perfect to order for your office!

Justin Chan

Bought the RK1906 a couple of weeks ago for mum and she absolutely loves it. Phill keeps his word to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Sandy and Darryl

Last week we bought the RK1906 massage chair from Phil and team at Perth Massage Chairs. We were happy with the sales and instalment experience and have been very happy ever since with the quality of the massage from this chair. Phil is extremely knowledgeable, not at all pushy and gave us an excellent deal including a 5 year warranty. We had researched extensively other chairs available both in Perth and the Eastern States and this chair and deal stood out. The chair was delivered and installed by Phil within 24 hours of purchase and we've been happily enjoying massages ever since. The RK1906 has an excellent range of massage options and is easy to use. We highly recommend Phil and Perth Massage Chairs as well as the RK1906. Sandy & Darryl

Ben Travis

I regularly use a RK7911 massage chair. I am 6'5" and it has no trouble working all the way up to my neck. It not only relaxes me but can also work on knots and tight muscles from exercise, injury or just sitting too long. I use it in conjunction with exercises from my physio and it's definitely a good way to help maintain a healthy, happy back.

Kate Della-Vedova

Fantastic service, thoughtful aftercare - this is the 2nd purchase we've made in 4 months! Thanks team

Agatha Chau

Thank you.

Well received now.

Just let you know my parents love the chair and you and Hannah are so good and patient to explain how to use it.

Thanks again.


Paula Banwell

 I use my chair everyday and would be a great advocate for your business.

Patricia Wyser

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery and assembling of the massage chair, great service, thank you very much indeed!

Na La

Extremely happy with the brilliant product & fantastic service Phil provided!! He went above & beyond and I would definitely recommend Perth Massage Chairs to anyone!!

Rob Pederick

In the last month since purchasing the chair my family and I have really enjoyed using it. Phillip was very good in the delivery and set up of the chair and first use. I would recommend this product to others no problems.

Sharon N

The whole 'Test Drive' of the chairs was a very comfortable and educational experience in a lovely peaceful setting. The difference between these high tech body scanning chairs was quite a lot so well worth trying each one, especially if you have a disability.
Phil was great and the whole process was straightforward.
As soon as my order was approved he delivered the chair very quickly and he cheerfully set it up for me.
Personally I feel the use of this chair has enabled me to have less back pain with my deformed spine as it seems to be keeping the muscle spasms down & kinks out which keeps the discs behaving more.
Thank you very much Phil, highly recommend you & the company.

Greg Croker

Brilliant chair and great after sales service by Phil. I would recommend Perth Massage chairs becuase of there professionalism, product and the level of service offered by the team.

Alison Crosse

My husband and I visited Philip's showroom and spent some time 'test driving' the chairs. We were given all the information we needed to make a decision. We went home and thought about it for a short time and then placed an order. Delivery was quick and simple. The whole process was fantastic with no fuss. Not to mention the chair that has been used every day since we bought it. We bought a chair as an indulgence but I can see the benefits on many different levels now.

Ray Mickelberg

Perth massage Chairs are a very reliable company and gave outstanding service when I purchased my massage chair . We are very very happy with the product and recommend you contact Phillip if you intend to purchase a massage chair

Lydia D

Bought a massage chair online and suddenly not working properly on the footrest part. Lucky I found Philip. I don’t have to wait for a long time, he came to my house, found the problem, made an assessment report for the seller and fixed it after we received the new part. No drama at all. Now I can enjoy the chair. Thanks Philip. You did excellently.

We've had our chair for 3 years now and still love it. We've also had prompt and friendly after-sales service.

Elisa Agnew

We recently purchased the RK-7602 model chair from Philip at Perth Massage Chairs. We initially approach PMC uncertain as to what we may need as if you have been shopping around you soon realise just how far the massage chair industry has come over recent years.

With terms such as 2D/3D/4D/5D, S-Track, L-Track, Manual, Mechanical, Electric it can all become a bit overwhelming.

Luckily Philip with his expert knowledge, backed up with his medical expertise is able to effortlessly explain the differences to assist you to make an informed decision.

We decided to go with the RK-7602 model as we needed a chair that would fulfill several requirements we had in mind.

From the showroom floor, to transport, installation & commissioning was all to easy for Philip to accommodate our needs.

The chair itself has now had a few weeks of daily use and is living up to our expectations. Family & friends all want to take it for a spin and love it.

Buying a therapeutic massage chair is a substantial investment for your overall health and wellbeing. When it comes to something as important as this we recommend Perth Massage Chairs.
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